Have a look

Have a look.

Are you planning on building a private online community? Or making a Facebook-like social networking platform of your own? Then we’ll help you find the right design for your community website.

In this list, we feature some of the best BuddyPress WordPress themes you can use to build unique online communities, social networks, and membership platforms with ease.

Have a look.


BuddyPress is one of the most popular WordPress plugins out there. It allows you to transform ordinary WordPress websites into powerful online communities. Featuring account registrations, user profiles, groups, account feeds, and much more. The best part is the plugin is completely free to use.

BuddyPress can be used to make many different types of community websites. You can make a branded community for your loyal customers. You can create a members-only platform to sell exclusive content. Sell online courses and training programs. Make social networks that look like Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter. And so much more.

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